The artist would like to acknowledge the support of artsnb and Eastern Edge Gallery for this series of works.
L'artiste aimerait remercier artsnb et Eastern Edge Gallery pour leurs appui.


"Some things we have only as long as they remain lost, some things are not lost only so long as they are distant."
(Rebecca Solnit, A Field Guide to Getting Lost )

Actions of Silence / The Visibility of Comprehension and the Provenance of Dusk
Actions de silence / La visibilité de la compréhension et la provenance du crépuscule

Getting lost, as if it is something someone means to do, accurately. Where are we when we cannot see a path? Emptiness in landscapes, cavities of what once was, the dissolution of possibility. The construction of impermanence. Observation. Actions of silence. I am writing this in silence. The actions you see here have happened in various conditions, mostly in silence, the relative silence of the locations in which they took place. As a group or sequence of images, they can be seen in silence. These images exist now in silence. The intimacy of the actions require multiple moments of silence, moments that can be viewed as fearful moments; moments of intense fragility. Here, immobility becomes something futile; it is simple, actively not being elsewhere. It is said that time waits for no one, nor do geologies.

An Economy of Purpose / Requiem for the Absence of Nothingness
Une économie du propos / Requiem pour l'absence du néant

The mischief time lends to a place - its incongruous cartographies. This economy of purpose bestowed by someone or something, anticipated and reassuringly auspicious. I make in the hopes that some visibility occurs; that attention escalates toward the temporal nothingness that truly surrounds us. Through this nothingness comes everything, comes sense, comes embodiment, comes possibility; the possibility of what it can and will be.

An Ictus of Geology or The Inaccuracy of Getting Lost
Un ictus de géologie ou L'inexactitude de s'égarer

Getting lost, as if it is something someone means to do, accurately.

While Waiting for Fog / Preoccupations of a Moving Geology
En attendant la brume / Hantise d'une géologie en mouvance

Believing in inanimate surroundings. Maintaining the transportation of glacial erratics.

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